Dr. Misbah Nureen

Dr. Mishbah Nureen,
General Physician

02 years of experience, skilled in OPD consultations and internal Medicine.

Dr. Khurram Sadiq

Dr. Khurram Sadiq MBBS, MCPS, FCPS (PEDS)

21 years of experience, skilled in Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Hematology and Nutrition.

Dr. Imran Javed

MBBS, FCPS (Surgery)

22 years of experience, Advanced Fellowship from Arizona Heart Institute Phoenix, USA. skilled in Vascular Surgeries.

Dr. Javeria Asghar

MBBS, Consultant General Physician

02 years of experience, Skilled in Gastroenterology, General Consultation.

Dr. Sunaina Siddique

Dr. Sunaina Siddique, MBBS, General Physician

03 years of experience, Skilled in Obsetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatric Surgeries and General Health Consultations.

Dr. Muhammad Usman

17 years of experience, Skilled in Plastic Surgery, Status  Asthmaticus and Epilepticus, Acute coronary syndrome, Chronic renal failure and Congestive cardiac failure. 

Dr. Sana Guftar

Dr. Sana Guftar, MBBS.

02 years of experience, Skilled outpatient examination, diagnose diseases to prescribe and administer the necessary treatment.

Dr. Anum Mehmood

Dr. Anum Mehmood, MBBS, MPhil Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

05 years of experience, MPhil in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Hainan University China, Skilled in General Consultation, Psychiatry, Pediatrics and Surgery.


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Hello Tabeeb covers all core Medical Specialties including Allied Health Professionals. It comes with affordable and accessible price.

Medical Services

Our medical services include regular / online appointment booking with doctor, Lab Services and Pharmacy orders. It is integrated under one roof.


Our patients satisfaction ensures the quality of our work.

Easy Appointments

We help you with regular appointments, medical procedures and Online Consultation with PMDC Certified doctors panel doctors across the Pakistan. Our panel doctors primarily focus on providing free counselling to patients so that they may avoid seasonal diseases in future.

HelloTabeeb SED

Socio Economic Development [SED] as Corporate Responsibility to ensure healthcare is affordable and accessible to all in Pakistan.

Home Healthcare

Home Care facilities for Senior Citizens, Home Bound Patients, Disabled or Patients Suffering from Chronic and End Stage Renal Diseases.

Telematics with Healthcare

Telematics with latest technology with ensure that most of our services are available online except for those services which require a mandatory visit at doctor’s office.

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Our Tabeeb platform provides a best solution for routine services such as visiting a doctor, visiting your lawyer, visiting beautician or planning wedding for yourself or loved ones. We aim to provide telematic services with cutting edge technology. Under the umbrella of Hello Tabeeb, you can avail Data Consultation services, EHR, EMR, HIMS and ERP consultation.


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