Hello Tabeeb covers all core Medical Specialties including Allied Health Professionals. It comes with affordable and accessible price.

Medical Services

Our medical services include regular / online appointment booking with doctor, Lab Services and Pharmacy orders. It is integrated under one roof.


Our patients satisfaction ensures the quality of our work.

Easy Appointments

Now you can book the appointment with just a phone call or one click through Hello Tabeeb.

Top Equipment

Our Panel labs equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and provide error free reports for patients.


Now you consult with specialist for vaccination without the hassle of traveling and waiting in queue.

Regular checks

From Hello Tabeeb, you can avail bi-annual / annual wellness checks which ensure that your health is maintained and patient education is delivered through proper channel.

Let us introduce ourselves

A few words about us

Hello Tabeeb is a multipurpose startup providing telemedicine, tele-lawyer, tele-beautician and tele-matrimonial service. We aim to provide virtual services with ease of access, great user experience at affordable and accessible price. When it comes to visiting an office for consultation, it is always a hassle consuming much of your time.

About CEO

Shahzad Ali

Hello Tabeeb was started in early 2020 and led by Shahzad Ali, who holds a Post Graduate Degree of Data Science and has over 08 years of corporate experience. Under his dynamic vision and guidance, Tabeeb is on its way to develop future leaders for the company.

5 Million Rs.

Research Budget


Patients healed

70 Doctors

working for you

40 Panel

Lab and Pharmacy Branches

No better place to get you healthy again

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Our Tabeeb platform provides a best solution for routine services such as visiting a doctor, visiting your lawyer, visiting beautician or planning wedding for yourself or loved ones. We aim to provide telematic services with cutting edge technology. Under the umbrella of Hello Tabeeb, you can avail Data Consultation services, EHR, EMR, HIMS and ERP consultation.

Healthcare Vertical

On Call Beautician

On Call Lawyer

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